About The Author

Susie Marsh
I’ve lived in the D.C. suburbs most of my life and it has been my pleasure to enjoy the history and politics up close. Against this backdrop I made my living as a stripper for twenty three years, and as you may imagine, I have some interesting stories to tell. For the purposes of this book, my name is Maggie McGuire and this is the story of my life. My mother created this pen name for me from my paternal grandmother’s name and my mother’s own maiden name (both sides of my D.N.A.) because she fears that I will regret telling my tale to the world. I hope not, but she may be right. “Maggie, why do you do the things that the rest of us only think about doing? I don’t know if it’s because you’re a Scorpio or some kind of free spirit or what…”

My book contains sex and drugs and rock and roll, but also explores philosophy, spirituality and science. I hope you will enjoy it, Dear Reader. I feel that there is nothing wrong with talking about sex and the other facts of life…but there is certainly something wrong with not talking about these things.

Susie Marsh, Author

An Autobiography: Unconventional Dance

This book is the tale of a late-bloomer’s coming-of-age adventures. It gives a humorous and poignant account of my life as I found employment as an ecdysiast while going to college. Although I hadn’t planned on making it a career, I ended up dancing for 23 years in the nation’s capital. The good news is that I continued my education for most of that time.

The professional aspects and “how-to’s” of adult entertainment, including working in night clubs, bachelor parties, posters, video and radio shows are intermingled with my memories of the historic sites in Washington D.C. Woven through the book are stories of my childhood, family, personal growth and philosophies.

Through a device I call “Overheard in the Dressing Room,” I begin each chapter with a conversation between dancers who candidly discuss their own experiences or current events in order to depict the passage of more than two decades in recent American History.

Oh yes, and there is a play-by-play description of what it is like to have 190 cc’s of silicone shoved under each breast while only partially sedated.

Well, my goodness!

Susie Marsh, Author of Unconventional Dance

A poster (below) that I posed for (Susie Marsh – fourth from the left) in 1985 had world-wide distribution by Inovia Productions.